Joachim Badenhorst (B)
Tenorsaxophon, Baßklarinette, Klarinette

Ingrid Schmoliner (A)
Stimme, Klavier, Präparationen

Matthias Erian (A)
Elektroakustik, Sampling

Martin Schönlieb (A)
Gitarre, Banjo, Präparationen

TARO is an ensemble striving to incorporate the vast potential that lies within the realm of electronically generated and manipulated sounds while acknowledging the importance of a firm rooting in a specific moment and place. The perception of nearness and distance, virtual and actual rooms, as well as the development and deconstruction of a given starting point in sound, play a crucial role in the process of music-making.

CD-Review of Flaechten
This disc is often stark and carefully sparse. This sounds like a series of duos or trios with Joachim & one of the other members of the quartet. The duos often have a warm and intimate vibe, like a soft spoken conversation. On one track it sounds as if there are two bass clarinets criss-crossing, perhaps one is sampled. There is a haunting, quietly serious vibe about this disc which makes it a fascinating yet austere listening experience.
Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery