Ingrid Schmoliner (AT)
Prepared piano, voice

Elena Kakaliagou (GR)
French horn, voice

Riikka Theresa Innanen (FI)
Dance, choreography

Press, „Kleine Zeitung“
When sounds materialize in bodies … six concerts were on the program of the second international „New Adits“ Festival in the Klagenfurter location Raj.

The four-person performance group „Luíss“ opens the series contemporary music. Who would have thought, what surprising sounds develop, when Ingrid Schmoliner handles the strings of her grand piano with drumsticks, when the fingers of the Greek Elena Kakaliagou rhythmically rattle over the ventiles of her horn or the foot-soles of the Finnish dancer Riikka Theresa Innanen softly glide over the wooden floor? Attentively the three women react to one another and improvise, supported by the electro-acoustic musician Matthias Erian, together producing a strangely attractive sound.

The way in which they stage their compositional live-process eases a way into understanding this style of music which is commonly renowned for being difficult. The musicians act in near-glamorous outfit (fur-shawl, red stockings) whilst next to this the dancers simple leggings place focus on the laminary. Innanens contemporary movement vocabulary precisely fathoms the fine line between sound and body. No matter if she is lying, crawling, groping: Always it seems that sounds are materializing in her body.

The „New Adits“ Festival should in the future merit an official invitation to Carinthia with the possibility to perform in an even more expansive framework.