MICA portrait for Ingrid Schmoliner

piano solo concert – video

„…In every moment the audience is offered unexpected qualities of experience and enchantingly foreign acoustic signals which invite to attentive listening: An excitingly lustful journey to often unknown musical horizons for non-judging and unprejudiced ears which nonetheless are always liable for our heads…“
Renald Deppe

„… and Schmoliner are incredible listeners building with an uncanny precision on the other one’s ideas. These young musicians belong the new generation of artists that goes beyond form, delving deep into human emotions thanks to their broad and open-minded skills on their instruments, yet staying away from speed and shock effects, and staying away from cheap sentimentalism on the other end of the spectrum.“

“Бaбa-Яra” gallops as if driven by a platoon of closely drilled rhythmic percussionists…”
Jazzword (USA)

“Though clearly adept at creating uneasy settings, she is equally compelling”
The Sound Projector (UK)

“Vraiment encore une fois, je suis absolument séduit par une nouvelle sortie du label berlinois Corvo Records…”
Revue et Corrigée (FR)

“A piano autopsy conducted from all angles, founded on the constant presence of intense, meditative concentration”
ATTN:Magazine (UK)

“… If you want me to be really serious: Ingrid is the goods – go listen.”
Touching Extremes (IT)

“Schmoliner schafft einmal mehr höchst eindrucksvolle, weil eigensinnige Musik, die ihr eine Sonderstellung unter den Klavierspieler*innen einräumt”
freistil (AT)

“Sa musique est variée, dense et intense, personnelle et émotive. Une agréable découverte en somme.”
Improv-Sphere (FR)

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