Ingrid Schmoliner lives and works as a freelance musician – composer – curator and teacher in Vienna. Already before and during her classical studies at the Klagenfurt conservatory, majoring in piano, her music was characterized by an interest in improvised, experimental and contemporary music.

Through her precise sound research and sophisticated – nuanced work on the piano and voice, she has made a name for herself as a musician and composer as an innovate creator. Schmoliner works on internationally renowned stages as a performer, improviser and composer.

Artistically she moves in the genres of new music, experimental and improvised music, avant-garde, jazz, ambient music, free jazz, folk music, minimal music, techno.

As a lecturer she is active in the areas of yodeling, overton singing, improvisation, instant composing and extended playing techniques on the piano.

Besides her SOLO programs, which she constantly develops further, and new collaborations with film (ARAF_Berlinale…) and theater (DER DIBBUK_Theater Nestroyhof Hamakom, JACKIE_Lac-Theater/ Lugano/ Switzerland…). ) she works constantly with her ensembles like NABELÓSE with Elena Kakaliagou, GRIFF (Emilio Gordoa, Adam Pultz Melbye), DRANK with Alexander Kranabetter and ELLEGGUA with Elektro Guzzi and WATUSSI (Pascal Niggenkemper, Joachim Badenhorst)

Schmoliner cofounded the annual Festival NEW ADITS for all styles of contemporary – present music and interdisciplinary performances which is based in Carinthia and happening for more than 10 years now.

Commissioned work (selection):

  •  2019 MNEEM for prepared piano and amplification, (UA) in the Great Hall at the Wiener Konzerthaus, Festival Wien Modern
  •   ELLEGGUA in collaboration with ELEKTRO GUZZI – (UA) Musikprotokoll
  •  TOWERING SILENCE in collaboration with Adam Pultz Melbye for voice, FAAB and sound processing – (UA) in the Kasematten Palais Coburg

Awards / Scholarships:

_2023 scholarship for composition from the Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture Austria
_ 2020 working grant Covid 19 from the city of Vienna.
_ 2018 Award for Music from the City of Vienna
_ 2013 Award for Music from the Province of Carinthia
_ 2011 grant for music from the Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture from Austria

_ composition scholarships from the Federal Ministry of Arts and Culture Austria and the City of Vienna
_ production cost subsidies from SKE and MA7

Released works (selection):

_OMOKENTRO CD/LP – 2022 on bohemian drips
_AWON ONA CD – 2021 on Klanggalerie
_AWON ONA LP – 2022 on Idyllic Noise
_GRIFF LP/CD – 2021 on Inexhaustible Editions
_StargazersCD – 2018 on KLEIN
_PARAphon CD – 2018 on Freifeld Tontraeger
_FRAUFELD CD – 2017 on Freifeld Tontraeger (Sampler)
_NABELÓSE LP – 2017 on Corvo Records
_BLAUBLATT CD – 2017 on Creative Sources
_карлицы сюита LP – 2014 on Corvo Records
_PARAphore CD – 2014 on Listen Closely
_Watussi LP/CD – 2013 on Listen Closely
_PARAligo CD – 2012 on Creative Sources
_Flaechten CD – 2009 on Ostblock

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